Brain Set

A person with a positive brain set will have a mind that’s constantly identifying & categorizing life circumstances in a positive way, through a lens that supports their inner positive view of things. They will be quick to identify and value those experiences that support and affirm their positive brain set. And in a similar fashion, a person with a negative brain set will be quick to notice & process life experiences in a way that matches their negative inner dialogue (their negative brain set.) 

With this in mind, we can practice a positive inner mindset, training ourselves to see and experience life through a lens that is looking for the positivity in everything around us. This positive brain training puts in motion a life of increased peace, happiness & healthy contentment.

Just Today

“We can only live our lives in each today. We can only live well, be happy, do a job, interact with others, for today.

Just for today we can do anything, even things that would confound or immobilize us if we felt we had to do them forever. We can only live, do, or be, one day at a time.

We should resolve, within ourselves, that we should live as well as we can, for today.

Asking more of ourselves is unfair, asking less is unwise. Just for today is our path out of yesterday, into tomorrow, and in living in the presence of God’s energy deep within us.”



Personal Struggles

Sometimes personal struggles or dysfunctions can make us feel alive. We get used to them in some weird way, & we even begin to feel like they’re a necessary part of us. So we live with them, & even embrace them. But personal struggles & dysfunctions are always liars. Always miscreants. Always destroyers of the good. And we don’t have to believe their lies or keep tolerating the mess they make of us. We can get healthier. We can find new & better ways of doing life. We can embrace fitter & more fulfilling chapters. We absolutely can, especially with God’s help.

Personal Reminders

Helpful things I try to remind myself each day:

#1 You’re plenty imperfect, & will be every day, & that’s ok, so is every other human. Just shoot for being a kind & helpful & positive person, with impossible perfection not even on your radar.

#2 You don’t have to be anyone but you, so just be you, that’s why you’re on earth

#3 Little things like friendliness & patience & listening bless people in bigger ways than you know. 

#4 You can change your mind & your focuses & even your go-to foundations. You can be someone new anytime you’re moved to be someone is a changing & evolving process for sure. 

#5 God made lots of fun & fulfilling things in the world, & he wants us to enjoy them. Seeking happiness is not a bad thing, & having fun throughout life is one of the big points of being here.

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Off the Beaten Path

Some cool thoughts for your life journey:

1. Adventure is waiting around every corner. All you’ve got to do is break your routine a bit, go off the beaten path, & you’ll make grand new discoveries.

2. There’s a lot of neat people out there in the world. In fact, most people are really friendly & solid. But they’re often like you, cautious about strangers, so work on breaking the ice a bit with people & you’ll be blessed with a bunch of new friends.

3. We all have good promptings, things that pull on our heart/soul strings over & over again. Follow through on those divine promptings more, & it’ll seem like you’ve walked through a door into an invigorating realm.


Free Spirit

Them: The world can never be solved.

Free spirit: Perhaps not, but it can be played!

Them: Life is pain & struggle.

Free spirit: Life is interesting!

Them: Follow the proven path & you might very well live a long, safe life.

Free spirit: Bring on the less traveled path with its bumps & bruises & glorious misadventures!


Personally Sacred

What is personally sacred to you?

Time spent with what? 

Time spent with whom?

Your energy focused on what?

Your drive & determination to do what?

Your true enjoyment of what?

Your being where?

You get deep meaning & purpose from what?

You feel fully alive while engaged in what?

What is truly sacred to you?

Whatever the answers, they’re why you’re on earth. 

Do your sacred more.

Make time & room to do your sacred more.


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Powerful Secret!

Here’s a great secret to life - Quit Complaining.

1. First of all, it’s annoying. No one, truly no one, likes a complainer or wants to be around a complainer. It’s the highest form of relational leprosy. Don’t go there.

2. Secondly, it’s boring, because it’s the most basic & menial of human responses.

3. Third, it’s difficult and just about impossible to do anything positive or meaningful when you’re complaining. It sucks the life & potential out of everything.

4. Forth, nobody ever listens to anyone’s complaining anyway. We’re all too focused on our own struggles and challenges, so you’re basically talking to a brick wall.

5. Fifth, you’re scaring away inspiration & positive change that is heading your way. Future good things are offended by complaining people, so complaining is in essence the quickest way to shut down future good.


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When you get pigeonholed, don’t let it bother you one bit. Pigeonholing is what humans do, “because it’s what they need to do in order to feel that they have set the chaos of existence into some kind of reassuring order. Thus people will stick you in all kinds of boxes.”

So understand, when people pigeonhole you, it’s truly not about you or your limits or your talents. It’s completely about them, & their attempts to try to control their world & make some safe sense of it.


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Creative Entitlement

“To live free - free to create & free to explore - you must possess a fierce sense of personal entitlement. I recognize that the word entitlement has dreadfully negative connotations, but I like to appropriate it here & put it to good use, because you’ll never be able to create anything interesting out of your life if you don’t believe that you’re entitled to at least try. Creative entitlement doesn’t mean behaving like a princess, or acting as though the world owes you anything whatsoever. No, creative entitlement simply means believing that you are allowed to be here, and that - merely by being here - you’re allowed to have a voice & a vision of your own.” - Elizabeth Gilbert


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Chains or Freedoms

We can think in terms of chains, or we can think in terms of freedoms. And whichever our mindset might be, so our life generally goes. 

Thinking in terms of chains, is dwelling on all the things we shouldn’t do, and all the behaviors & actions that are against the rules. It’s really easy to get caught up in thinking in terms of chains. 

But thinking in terms of freedoms, is focusing on all the good & beautiful & meaningful & enjoyable things that we are absolutely free to do. Freedom thinking is concentrating on all the wonderfully fulfilling tasks & actions against which there are no prohibitions. 

Thinking in terms of chains is depressing & debilitating. Thinking in terms of freedoms is exhilarating & enlivening.

Shed the chains, embrace the freedoms!


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